Saturday, April 18, 2009


WOO-HOO! I finally figured out how to get access to my photos! (thanks, Terri, for your input).

God gave us a perfect weather week for Spring Break! Everyday was sunny and nice (a few days were pretty windy, but the sunshine made up for it!) We were outside most of the week. Tuesday, we went to lunch with Jim and ran some errands. Wednesday we had a packed lunch at the airport. Thursday, Brenda and her family came over, and we went to the local playground. The kids had a blast! From ages 16 down to 4.5, everyone had something fun to do! The rest of the week, the boys played outside. I sat outside a lot of the time too.

We start "back to school" this week; and it's supposed to rain, at least some, every day--according to The Weather Channel!!

I haven't stopped taking pictures; I just couldn't figure out how to get them to Picasa to edit them and get them to my blog. I don't take many pictures inside; I take lots more when we're outside. I'm so relieved that I can get to them now!

Our Easter eggs

This looks staged, but Owen was REALLY sleeping. He insisted on going to sleep like a real cowboy does!

Scrapbook page -- I think it's self explanatory! These photos make me laugh everytime I see them!

Six cousins at the playground
Until next time...
blessings, joie

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