Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He is Risen indeed!

A belated Blessed Resurrection Day greeting to you all!

We had a nice holiday with family -- and seeing friends at church. After church I made an egg trail with baskets at the end. It was very chilly, so I put down a short trail in the house. The boys always get a Christian cd, dvd, or book (or toy when they are younger) in their basket, plus candy, of course. This year I waited until the last minute and didn't end up ordering gifts until Thursday (they didn't come until Monday--after Easter). However, in my gift storage tub, I had a few things left over from Christmas, so I was able to put something in their baskets for Sunday (besides candy!) Since we don't do the easter bunny, it was easy to explain to my older two that their gifts would arrive on Monday. I had a Larry Boy beanie toy that I didn't use for Christmas, so I had that for Owen. Needless to say, he was thrilled! I ended up giving them the new Veggie Tales Video Abe and the Amazing Promise, a dvd of Guideposts Junction featuring Jodi Benson and a cassette set of The Pond radio show. I get everything from Christian Book Distributors, better known as CBD.

Today was Jim's day off. Since we had an Olive Garden gift card that someone gave us a while ago, we went out to lunch! We almost never do that -- okay we go to Burger King once in a while, when I'm out running errands with the boys. It was a nice treat. When we got home, Jim found out he had to go into work for a few hours -- the same thing happened last week on his day off. It's maddening!

Hey, I just figured out something with my pictures! For now, here are a couple of adorable pictures of Jim with Nathan in 1998! These pictures, of course, were scanned. As you'll notice, I don't know how to edit them yet because I haven't figured out how to use Picasa as my photo editing program with all my photos on the external hard drive! Now I just have to find my other pictures that I've uploaded from my camera!

When I don't post regularly, I forget things that happen. I don't think there's anything else going on...

This week off from school, the weather is supposed to be beautiful all week!!

Until next time (when I figure out how to get the rest of my photos from my external hard drive!)...
blessings, joie

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