Monday, April 20, 2009

APRIL 20, 2009

I'm having fun editing photos that I've taken over the last couple months! Again, I take pictures more when the boys are outside. I don't have much to say -- nothing new and exciting going on.

My Everyday Cowboy
He ALWAYS wants to wear his hat, boots, and a pair of blue jeans. When the other boys were little, they didn't care what they wore. With Owen, it's always a battle over clothes! He wants to look "tough".

I've said it time and again: I love to see my boys reading! We just discovered the "My Side of the Mountain" series. I knew of it years ago, but I never read it. When I looked through a list of recommended reading for Nathan's age, I found it. It had great reviews, AND I liked the description. I went to Amazon for reviews. Also on this list were MANY books that were about death, witchcraft, the supernatural, etc. I'm VERY particular about what my children read and see. It's nice to find books with a great story line while, at the same time, learning something. Many of the reviews said that a kid -- especially a boy -- would just dream about doing what Sam Gribley did -- living in the wild. Nathan, of course, loved it so much that he asked me to do a read aloud with him and Jared. It's a cool book! He's finished reading all three books in the series.

Jared showing off with 2 of his decorated eggs! They LOVE dying eggs. We had one of those wax crayons so that you could write on your egg and the dye would resist the wax. It was very cool! Even I had fun with it!

Check out the National Day of Prayer website!
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