Friday, December 19, 2008


Again, I can't seem to move photos like I have before. This one belongs down below! See **below

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Right now it's snowing -- we're supposed to get at least 6 inches. Jim's out driving in it -- don't expect him home until 9 or so!

Here are some recent pictures. I have lots more to post, but I wanted to do this quickly. Last week, we lost power for 2 days due to an ice storm. How something so breath-takingly beautiful can be so destructive is amazing. Some had power out for 5 days! It certainly helps us to appreciate the things that we have -- when they're gone!

I will post my entire newsletter on line in the next few days, but I wanted to show you one of my bargains from after-Christmas shopping last January. I got this letterhead -- 40 sheets -- for .50 a pack! I love that the border can easily be printed over. It's a pain when you have to fit everything within top, bottom and side borders. In fact, I stopped using letterhead because of that...until I found this last year! It's so fun!

Here's our little town in the snow -- after the ice and snow. There's ice under the snow on the branches.

**I didn't send this as a card, but I had fun with my FREE Picasa photo-editing program making this! I can now add text to my photos. THIS picture shows more of the ice on the trees. It was INCREDIBLE!

I LOVE this one. This was on my kitchen table on Friday night -- I said to Jim, too bad we didn't have any sand to put in these containers so we could just poke tapered candles in them -- it was much more secure this way than in candle holders. Anyway, he said that we had play sand in bags in the basement! We never used it for the boys' sandbox 5+ years ago! I loved the picture. Then our friends, Don and Ellen sent a photo Christmas card today -- of snow on a weed. It was beautiful -- great photography! Beautiful card! So it inspired me to look through my photos of recent past, and this one caught me eye. I love that I can now add text -- white, in this case -- directly to my photo. Wouldn't this be a great Christmas card?!

I'm taking a break from stuffing envelopes with cards, photos and Christmas letters! Nathan was a big help this year as he addressed most of the envelopes -- and did some stamp and return-address label adhering!

That's all for now. Until next time...

love, joie

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Nancy said...

These pictures are really terrific! I would love to know more about your Picasso editing program. I think you should use one of those pictures for your Christmas cards next year-I love them.