Thursday, December 4, 2008

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (giving thanks should never end!)

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Belated Happy Thanksgiving Blessings to everyone! We had a nice day on Thursday -- eating homemade pizza (YUM!). Saturday, we spent the day and evening at Donna's with my whole family enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving meal! Unfortunately, Jim had to work, so he didn't make it until after 7! That's okay though; we stayed until after 10!
Things have been really busy here. Several weeks ago, we underwent the big project of changingrooms around. The original dining room, which has been a school room, play room and desk/office (not necessarily all at the same time) over the years was about to change again! Nathan worked very diligently on cleaning up and purging LOTS of toys and toy pieces. The "office"/scrapbook studio was in a small "bedroom" off the main area. That's NOW become the playroom and the large open "dining room" (originally) is the office/scrapbook room. The dining room was completely open on one wall when we moved in, but over the years, we've added 2 bookcases on the living room side, so more than 1/2 the room is separated. It's hard to explain, and pictures just can't show you the "big picture", so I'll keep this short. My "scrapbook nook" as I call it, is small, but much of what I need is an arm's length away. I have the use of 3 bookcases. One cool thing is I was able to use the boys' school table -- which they NEVER used except for loading up with stuff. I raised it up to a desk height and put 2 small bookcases on the back for a hutch effect. It's VERY HANDY! Right now I don't have much time to use my space, but I'm trying to squeeze time in here and there to work on Christmas gifts.

Friday the boys put up the tree and strung lights on it! It looks great! All I did was adjust one strand a tiny bit! (they'll make great husbands!) On Sunday they decorated it with me (I handed out ornaments with hooks on them) They each have a plastic shoebox (or sweater box) for their personal ornaments. (pictures to follow)

Playing "Go Fish" with Daddy on his day off

Thanksgiving dinner at Donna's

Owen with 'Operation Christmas Child' boxes at church

A 'soldier'! The thing on his backside is a vertical file folder rack; backpack in the front; and plastic storage basket on his head!

I'll write more when I get a chance. PLUS I have more pictures!

blessings, joie
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