Saturday, December 20, 2008

JULY 30, 2009 (2008 Highlights)

I just found this as a "draft" from December '08! Unfortunately, the post will stay in chronological order and show up Dec. 20th. I attempted to do a post on highlights from the past year. I only managed to cover up until my birthday in March. Here are just a handful of photos! Enjoy!

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My birthday with the boys (Jim was working) -- after blowing out the 30+ candles. I couldn't believe they used that many candles! When I told my sister Donna, she said, "May we always have 30 candles on our cake -- and no more."

Jared, my snow boy!

A regular site in my house!

The boys and their cousins when we visited last February for Nana's birthday!

Jared when he got his guitar for his birthday!

Right around New Years

Jared just being himself!

January fun! Love the delight in Owen's face!

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