Monday, October 6, 2008


The boys are really into paper making with their Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit that they got for Christmas a couple years ago! They go through phases. Right now they want to make money selling packs of it! I already bought a pack of 6 -- I love the cardboard/craft paper look on my scrapbook pages!

Here are a couple of recent pages. Again, I keep stressing out over making "crafty" pages like I see in the magazines. When I make simple pages like this one, I feel so LIBERATED!

Jared picked a rose; my sister took the pictures

Scraplifted this page idea from a digital scrapbook website. Again,
I put the focus on God instead of self, as the original page did.

I took these pictures a couple years ago, so they're not great. But I wanted to post these pages, because I like them! I can see where my scrapbooking "style" has evolved over the last couple years. These pages are done on Creative Memories pages (which I don't do anymore).

love these pictures of the boys!

love the pre-made Cheerios photo frames (slide frames). That's where
I got the idea of taking these pictures and doing this page!!

Check out Jared's underwater goggles! Makes me giggle every time!
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blessings, joie

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