Friday, October 31, 2008


A few days ago we had our first snow of the season! Towns in the Catskill Mtns. got a LOT of snow! Some were without power for days! Of course, the boys LOVED it! Although the snow has melted from the ground, a few days later, we still have some snow and ice on the back porch.
Last Sunday Jim and I went out to dinner (alone) for the first time in years! It was very nice. We wrapped up our time alone shopping at Walmart!!
Last week we moved the boys bedrooms around. Jared and Nathan stayed in the same room, but Nathan joins them now! Jared and Owen are now bunked and Nathan has a full size bed. The other bedroom is now their "hangout" room! They're all happy! Below is a picture of Owen's first night in his new room and new bed!

first snow

Owen looking so much older lately. He picked out his own clothes!

But he's still my little boy -- sleeping for the first time in his new bed (with Cutie Monkey)!

A page I did a couple years ago (in my Creative Memories album)
For now...
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