Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 27, 2009

Good morning SUNSHINE! It's a beautiful day in our part of the world. Very crisp, but sunny. We've had some days in the 50's lately, but the first day of spring, it dropped to the low 40's! Today it's supposed to be in the upper 40's. Yea! It won't be long before I start complaining that its too hot!

Last Sunday and Monday, Jim took the boys out to launch the model rockets that they got a year ago for Christmas (yes, I mean 2007!) I have some good pictures, but since I moved all my photos to my external hard drive, I don't know how to edit them or do anything with them! That's why you won't seen any photos until 'computer illiterate me' figures it all out! When I did transfer all my photos OFF of my hard drive, I freed up 21 GBs! Noboday believed me when I said that I have TONS of pictures! I also think that there are multiple copies of each photo! Since my external hard drive is 500 GBs, I think I'm safe for now until I figure out how to get rid of the copies.

The week was busy with learning and playing. That being said, we celebrated Nathan's 12th birthday on Wednesday, March 18th. From his grandmother and 2 uncles (and aunt) he received a slot car race track. He's having a ball with it.

Although this post will be dated 3/21 (because that's when I first started it and saved it as a draft) it is several days later--3/27.

I'm getting sick again. Hopefully, this time it'll be short lived. I've been working very hard lately at catching up on homeschooling reports. I'm learning that my IHIP and quarterly reports are very long -- I need to simplify, for my sake. If the school district and the state are satisfied with shorter, less detailed reports, then I need to learn to make them that way. It's very stressful for me because it's a lot of work. But from what I'm learning online -- yes, from NY homeschoolers -- I'm writing way too much. I just want to do the right thing according to God first and then whoever else I have to report to!

Again, I will include photos when I figure out how to post them!

blessings, joie

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