Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been a while since I last posted. Since then we've been pretty sick--for a whole month-- and gotten better (all except for Jim--he never got sick!); celebrated Jared's 10th birthday (2/16); AND had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents (this past weekend--their actual anniversary is today!).
RAK report: While we we sick, our friend next door made us a big dish of homemade macaroni & cheese! It's the boys' favorite! It was a HUGE blessing to me--one less thing to worry about while I was sick.

This is the cake that I made for the golden anniversary

my parents sitting with friends and family at my sister Donna's house

Jared on his birthday--there's only 10 candles, but the shot makes it look like lots more!

Page I made of Nathan when he was 2.5
Until next time...
blessings, joie
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Nancy said...

Wow, what an amazing cake! You really did a fantastic job.