Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is this hysterical or what?! We got this magnifying sheet--fits on a book page--for Jim last year, but we've had so much fun with it! I laugh right out loud when the boys do this!!

Last week, Nathan received a wonderful blessing. A friend of ours from church GAVE him some Lionel trains and tracks--something Nathan's been wanting. We've been to this man's house a couple times to see his HUGE train layout. He's collected trains since he's a kid and has a layout that fills the upper room of a 2-car garage! He just thinks Nathan's a great kid, and he wanted to do this for him. He asked me privately when Nathan's birthday was (March), so he could give it to him for his birthday--which he did last weekend. The trains are beautiful! Nathan's had HO trains for a few years, but they're very frustrating to use. So Doc wanted to do this for him. These trains are much better to work with. He and his wife, Ginny, are great, godly people! We love them!

Nathan and Doc going through the trains and track that he gave Nathan

The Lionel engine

Owen putting on a puppet show for me with his favorite -- Cutie Monkey

This is the first page I've done in a couple months!

Jared with his new sweater that Nana knitted for him.
He's just getting over pink eye. He looked terrible--he had it in both eyes! His eyes are pretty clear now, thankfully, but he still has this miserable cold that he had since before the pink eye last weekend. He doesn't feel good here -- in fact, he took a 3-hour nap right after! I still liked the picture of him in his new sweater!

Look out Joe, it's COWBOY 'O'
He was playing by himself in the living room and he spotted me with the camera.

Until next time...

blessings, joie
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