Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am SO FRUSTRATED with my computer right now! I don't know WHAT's wrong with it! Jim did a scan and it cleaned up some things, but EVERYTHING is unbelievably slow. Ridiculously slow. I'm ready to throw it out the window, but I'll have to drag it upstairs so that I can throw out TWO stories high (onto the front concrete walk, of course)! Besides that, I can't upload my pictures from my camera! SO...
...I thought I'd show a few pictures from Christmases past.
(ignore this first picture for now. I can't move photos around anymore... )

Me, in yellow p.j.s, with my sisters Donna (to my left) & Terri (making the

goofy face behind me) along with our 5 cousins! Brenda was born a year later.

At TWO--almost 3, my chubby cheaks were cute... NOW? Not so much

I still have that bear! However, he's brownish grey now! (See above)

1965 the night after Christmas. Love to see the gifts we received back then!

1965 with Brenda (a little over a month old) One of my favorite pictures ever!
Until next time... hopefully, I'll be able to move on my computer and upload current photos!
blessings, joie
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Tim said...

I think it's time for you to update. Ha Ha Ha

Love Rebecca

Tim said...

But I like looking at your christmas pictures from the past I'll check in in a few weeks.

Love Rebecca