Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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We've taken more than a thousand photos already! Nathan takes a lot, and Jared has taken some. I say to anyone who wants to use my camera "put it around your neck and LEAVE it there!" (keep in mind that my last one was ruined because I dropped it.)

Last weekend we had a birthday party with family and friends. His birthday was in March, but we waited until good weather. Since Nathan turned 13, we wanted to have a big party for him. My sister Donna offered her home (as she has done several times before for us) since our house is quite small. I wanted to wait until a time when kids could play outside. It turns out that the weather was PERFECT--low 70's and sunny. The kids had a ball outside, and some adults enjoyed sitting and visiting on the back deck. THANK YOU, Donna!!

l-r Owen, Jared, Peepa (my dad), Nathan, Terri,
Donna, my Aunt Jeannie, and my Aunt Hellen.

almost the same people with Jim, my cousin Gin (in red), Brenda in the background and my niece Leighanna to the right.

Nathan and Owen in the middle of a badminton game

My niece Rebecca took this picture of her Uncle Jim. She was quite proud of it.

Jared and our friend Butch playing horseshoes!

Our pea plants are growing like crazy. Soon they'll be ready to vine and attach to the trellis. We have in: arugula, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and onions. Our tomatoes are ready to go; just waiting for the freeze threat to expire. Probably next week.

I'm going to close for now. We have to run out. I'll write more tomorrow of the next day.



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Nikita Storm said...

Pictures of your plants, please! I love pictures!