Sunday, April 18, 2010


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Well, we have one "square foot garden" box in. Nathan, Jared, and Owen put in cold crop seeds -- lettuce, broccoli, spinach, etc. Problem. The next day, they discovered squirrels had dug the seeds up! Oh, the trials of gardening! Now, we'll get some blood meal to deter them. We might have to make a cage from chicken wire to keep them little varmints out!

The weather has been all over the board lately! It's been really warm--hot even! Then it's been down to the 40's! There was a frost warning a couple of nights ago! Must be the global warming.

The boys and I have been sick with colds. First it was Jared, then Nathan, then me, and then Owen -- all in stages. Owen and I stayed home from church today. Thankfully, Jim hasn't been sick. He's still dealing with hearing loss in one ear (from a virus a couple of months ago), so your prayers are appreciated.

Since I have no current pictures yet, I just wanted to post a few from the past just for fun.

Meema (my mother) with Nathan--don't think he was 2 yet

Owen and Uncle Tim--almost 2 years ago Memorial Day weekend

Cousins--Memorial Day weekend 2008
TJ (back), Rebecca, Owen Leighanna, Nathan and Jared (the front)

Nathan, Asha, & Jared many years ago! We decided to stop at our local thrift store and Saro was there with her family. That was when I had 2 and she only had 3 (now she has 6)!!

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blessings, joie

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