Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Try as I might, I can't get videos on here! I'll attempt it, it takes forever to "upload", and when it's "done", the video isn't there! I didn't take many stills of the VBS musical, because I took several videos. Oh well! First is a picture from VBS week with Sandra teaching the kids the hand motions to the worship songs. When you register for VBS, they give you a cd with all the songs for the week. My older boys thought that the songs were babyish when they first got the cd, but once Sandra got ahold of them VBS week, I couldn't have stopped them singing and doing the hand motions even in public if I tried!! They really love VBS week!

The musical on Friday night was wonderful!! After seeing alot of the last week's rehearsals, I was concerned that they might not be able to pull it off. But the kids did great! I could see and hear some small mistakes because I knew what was supposed to happen, but none of the kids faltered, and they just went on like nothing happened. Nobody knew the difference. That really impressed me! I was so proud of my boys. Nathan had a pretty long speaking part, and he did a great job! Jared sang a solo for the first verse and half of the second verse of a song. He even had to stroll across the stage (platform of the sanctuary). He looked so natural, and he sounded so good! Jim's mom came down for a few days so that she could see the show. Jim made it for part of the show, but I have video, so it wasn't so bad that he missed some of it. I was able to upload some videos on my facebook page, so some of you can see them there.

I love seeing this view of all the kids, leaders, teen helpers, and other adults participating!

Owen, front-and-center, singing worship songs with other kids from VBS on Fri. night before the musical

Jared is far left (in blue), Nathan is center (in red), their cousin Rebecca is far right (w/apron --camp cook)

Jared really got into things! He's very animated! And he keeps a great beat (its naturally in his head all the time)! He played the part of a camper.

There were hand motions for every song. I can't believe they memorized them all!

Nathan played a junior counselor

There IS life after the VBS musical! The kids had been practicing since early March! Here are just a few more pictures.

The boys and Nana just before she went home

Just playing in water -- with a really big bowl, a cup, a piece of wood and a straw! What could be more fun when you're a little boy of almost 5?! (especially since your mother doesn't let you blow bubbles in your drink!)
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