Saturday, May 24, 2008

Owen's Crown

In my last post, I mentioned Owen's crown that he made in children's church. I forgot to add the photos, so here they are!

Also I wanted to mention a bargain that I got the other day. I've been wanting to use NON photo-safe paper products on my pages lately -- things like corrugated cardboard, paper bags and other memorabilia. I'm still very conscious of the need to protect my photos; SO I decided to check into Archival Mist by EK Success. I checked at the craft store, and they said they didn't carry it because it's so expensive. The woman suggested one of the TV shopping networks. I found it on HSN- I think - and the cost was $42 for a 5.3 oz. bottle (EK Success also carries 1.5 oz bottle for arount 16.99). Ok... pretty expensive alright. Everywhere I looked the retail price was between $37 and $45 for the "larger" bottle. I figure I'll be using it a lot, so I wanted the larger size -- and it lasts forever. So in searching on Ebay, I stumbled across a seller who was selling TWO {brand new} 5.3 oz. bottles for only $22!!! Shipping was $6, but it was still a HUGE savings! That's $14/bottle instead of $45! This seller only had these two, so you can't buy any more from him/her. I tell you this to illustrate that if you take the time to search on Ebay, you can find some incredible bargains!! YEA!!

blessings, joie

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