Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photos from the Past


I recently was able to use my scanner again, and I've had a blast scanning TONS of pictures -- old and not so old! Here is a picture from the distant past. This is my maternal great-grandfather, Rudolph, (my mother's mother's father) in his younger days. He was born in 1875, so I'm guessing this is right around the turn of the century. I just love photos like these! We have several that we can't identify -- other than "family back in Hungary" -- but I'm thankful to be able to identify many of them like this one.

Great-Granpa G.

And here is a photo from the recent past -- last Sunday to be exact. This is Nathan & Jared with singer, songwriter and worship leader, Lincoln Brewster. Doesn't he have a great name?! The concert was very uplifting and very much focused on the Lord. It was pretty loud for this old mother of 46, but I'm really happy we went. The boys, of course, loved it! Jim stayed home with Owen and "did something special".

Lincoln Brewster with N & J
...finding true peace in God

I have to share something cute that Owen said. Rewind back to Jared's birthday, February 16th: After crying when we gave the Lincoln Brewster tickets to N & J, Daddy promised to do "something special" with Owen the night of the concert. Fast forward to last Sunday afternoon: Owen says at the dinner table "I have a idea! We can go to the playgwound and then get some melted icecream and bring it back home and eat it!!" Icecream is too cold for his liking, so if he eats it at all, he'll wait until it's kind of melted! THAT will have to go on a scrapbook page!!

A couple fairly new scrapbook pages...
Jared & Owen last summer in our dandelion field!
These pages are much brighter in person -- don't know why
my camera took such dull pictures of the scrapbook pages...

Love this picture of Owen at 18 months.

That's it for today! I'll try to post more often.

blessings, joie

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