Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm going to make this post mostly about the pictures this time. I'm so far behind, so this is the quickest way to catch up! Not sure I like my new blog layout and design, but I'd rather update it than spend time playing with the design layout!

The boys always love hanging out with Dad at his truck!

Owen "driving"

Jared helping with the landing gear

Nathan helping with the landing gear

Jim picking up his truck after having it serviced.

We went to Massachusetts to get pure maple syrup--got some there in March Ioka Valley Farms

We also went to buy strawberries at Ioka Valley Farms. They were $5/quart, but they are organic (I think!)
I thought that was pricey, but then again I haven't bought strawberries from a stand in a long long time!

Across from the farm on a hill are some wind turbines. They're huge!

Nathan's my bread baker! 4 16" loaves this time. He cuts them up and freezes them.

I re-potted some herbs--basil and oregano and parsley. The latter two are a little straggly!

Somethin's got this one... not all of the broccoli are like this.

Llama bean tea! I read on the internet that it's most effective this way. Add 1 cup llama manure to 1 gallon water. Let it sit for a couple of days. We think it's helped our tomato plants come back to life!

Our bush beans have taken off, and the tomatoes are looking better!

I hope I didn't leave too much out! Until next time...

blessings, joie

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