Monday, May 4, 2009


Jim is in bed, Nathan's grooving to his new Lincoln Brewster cd in the kitchen, and Jared & Owen are watching a StoryKeepers video. This is my computer time.
We were out today for a while; Jim was home. We went to a local [small] fun park, and after that we went to Walmart to get the boys workboots. Unfortunately, Jim was called in by his boss, so he had to quickly take us home so he could go in for a couple of hours. It put a bit of a damper on the day -- we weren't able to get the boots. This has happened a few times during his day off, and it's frustrating, but... he has a decent job and we get over it.
There are advantages to Jim having a week-day off. There were only a few people there (about 18) -- one group gave us their leftover tickets when they left. And another kid gave us his extra tokens when he left! Jim and the boys LOVE the go-karts. They also did the batting cages and mini golf. I was photographer.

Owen regretted his choice of a baby ride, but it made a cute picture!

love this picture!

It was so hot last week -- 80-90 degrees for several days -- unseasonable warm. Since we don't have our pool up or have ACs put in, we were pretty hot. The boys filled up large storage tubs with water and they kept cool that way. Owen's hair was getting long, so Nathan squished his hair up, and he looked like Lincoln Brewster! See below.

Here is Owen -- my little Lincoln Brewster!
{It's the hair}
It's back down to temps in the 60's -- much more seasonable.
Until next time...
blessings, joie
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Tim said...

i like the pictures of uncle jim and the boys at the fun park, and i think the picture of owen in the car and everyone is around him is cute.
The end of pioneer girls was last wed. and the class photographer did a scrap book of all the things she took a picture of and she does really good work her name is Stacey Kenndy you can look her up in the church directory.
C U soon
Luv Rebecca